Our History

Started in 1986 as Trinity Engineering, Inc., Trinity | ERD is the brainchild of Colin Murphy, who wanted to start a company that would allow him to apply his wealth of experience providing solutions for analyzing, improving and developing the building envelope.

The name "Trinity" came from a group of companies then owned by Mr. Murphy that all had the name "Trinity River", which was inspired by the Trinity River in northern California where Mr. Murphy fished while working in the state in the late 1970's.

"It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever fished and I never forgot it. I had an old fiberglass fly rod that I still have today as a memory of the times."


Through the years, "Trinity" expanded into many states. The "Trinity Engineering" name could not be used in all states as there were other entities that had claimed the name. The company needed to find a name that described who they were and could be used in all states. From this, Exterior Research & Design (ERD) was born.

Since we have been in business for twenty years, many people still know us as 'Trinity', especially the many firms we have worked with worldwide. As we marked the twentieth anniversary of the firm in 2006 the names combined to Trinity | ERD, reflecting our old and new heritage in one name.

The homes

What started as an "almost religious" fishing experience has culminated in half a lifetime's work and a proud history. Today, Trinity | ERD includes over 20 staff members, a full-service testing facility, and clients from across North America, Israel, Mexico and Europe. We provide numerous services related to the building envelope and oversee a diverse set of building envelope projects throughout the world.


If you're looking for a work environment that challenges your mind and recognizes the value you can add to the team, then Trinity | ERD may be the company for you.

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